August 2, 2021

8 staging tips to maximize your home's value.

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Jacee Monsalve

8 staging tips to maximize your home's value.

If you want to get the most money out of your house, then you need to stage it. Whether you are living in the home or it is vacant, how a home is staged (or not staged) plays a huge role in buyers’ perceptions.

Here are our top tips to getting your home sold for more and faster! We even threw in a less-known pro tip at the end.

1. De-personalize.

Choose staging items that are neutral and appeal to the masses. Some people use things they already own that are out of date or specific to a particular style such as tuscan, modern, rustic, retro, etc. We recommend scoping out Target and Walmart for inspiration since they have a wide selection of popular items.

2. Less is more.

When staging a kitchen counter, put a few items out that add color without leaving the countertops seeming full. For bathrooms, we recommend a shower curtain, towels, soap dispensers, and a succulent plant on the back of the toilet. Adding in lots of knick knacks, rugs, extra tables, chairs, large plants, and more can have a negative effect.

3. Make the repairs.

When things are broken, it sticks in people’s heads. Repairs will overshadow any staging you do and can leave people questioning if your staging is hiding or compensating for bad condition. Things like small holes in walls, broken light fixtures, cracked switch plates, and broken hardware should be addressed prior to staging.

4. Brighter is better.

Before showing your home, open the curtains, tilt up the blinds, and replace all light bulbs that are dim or broken. A little tip of ours is to use 5000k light bulbs to brighten up spaces, especially the kitchen and living room. Old 2700k, soft white lights leave houses feeling outdated.

5. Increase curb appeal.

Since the front of your home is the first and last thing people see, they will typically remember this the most. A wreath, fun doormat, colored pot, fresh mulch, and colorful plants can go a LONG way to redefine/improve the image of your home.

6. Bring it alive with plants.

Houseplants add color and make spaces feel fresh. Look for little indoor plants and succulents to bring your space alive. They are typically pretty cheap and are very popular right now.

7. Clean = well maintained.

People associate a clean home with a well-maintained home. By presenting your home clean and smelling fresh, people will have a significantly more positive perception of your home. Don’t forget to get any caked up dust off the windows and keep a bottle of Febreeze on hand!

8. Pro tip: Raise the curtains.

For years, we have been installing longer and higher curtains around windows. Even with a relatively small-sized window, large curtains make a space feel more grand and add more color. When installing curtains, install them to the ceiling height and get a length that hangs just barely to the floor. You will love how it changes the ambience of the room!

Before you get ready to sell your home, give us a call. By using our experience and expertise, we will ensure your home selling experience is a success. Fill out the form here or give us a call to get started!


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