September 27, 2021

Top questions to ask BEFORE hiring a real estate agent to sell a home.

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Jacee Monsalve

Top questions to ask BEFORE hiring a real estate agent to sell a home.

With about 200,000 Realtors to choose from in Florida, it seems like everyone knows a Realtor. So if you are looking for a real estate agent, post it on Facebook and you are sure to be blasted with a ton of recommendations, comments, and messages. But not all agents are the same!

If you want to sell your house for the most money and not run into a bunch of hiccups long the way, interview your agent before hiring him/her. We are going to talk about a few key questions that should help.

Question 1: Do you work as a Realtor full-time?

Many people see getting their real estate license as a great way to make some part-time income. While these people could be great, you are better off going with an agent who is fully committed to his/her career as a Realtor.

Question 2: How do you plan on marketing and selling my house?

The default strategy for a lot of agents is the LAP strategy. List And Pray. It is important to know that your agent has a plan on how your house should be marketed, who the likely buyers are, and how to handle the negotiations. Too many agents put houses for sale without anticipating the tough situations that could come up. A great agent is proactive in not just advertising your home, but also in having a game plan for navigating challenges and getting the deal closed.

Question 3: Can you give me a list of references to call?

Get at least 3 references and ACTUALLY CALL THEM! When you call, make sure these people are not family members or the agent’s best friend. Ask the references what the agent did to impress them and listen to what they have to say. The answer will give you a lot of insight into how the agent is likely to work with you.

Question 4: Will you work with me directly through the entire process?

The bigger name offices like Keller Williams, Remax, Century 21, and so on, typically have a whole team of people. So instead of working with the agent and maybe one other person, you will be working with an entire team. These teams can consist of: listing agent, team leader, receptionist, transaction coordinator, marketing director, and more. This can make communication confusing and you might be telling different people the same things over and over.

As a true professional who is dedicated to his/her clients, he/she will NOT pass you off to a team so he/she can work on signing up the next seller. An agent who is committed to getting results will work with you directly from start to finish to make sure everything is handled properly the first time.

If you are considering selling your home, choose an agent who is a professional and is committed to getting you results. Choose a J&J Realtor and experience something more. Call us today or fill out the form on our website to get in touch.


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