July 28, 2021

To stage or not to stage? The secrets to a quick sale.

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Jacee Monsalve

To stage or not to stage? The secrets to a quick sale.

While we all know that presentation is important when selling a house, none of us want to spend time or money on things that do not work. Staging is a strategy that some people swear by and some people think is a waste of money. In our experience selling different houses with different situations, we have concluded that… it depends!

When to stage

If your home is vacant and not fully renovated.

Staging will help to make the house pop a little bit. Bringing people to focus on how the house can look if they were to live there can go a long way in this case.

If the layout is not clear.

If your home has an older or unique layout, it can be hard for buyers to imagine what to do with each space. Staging can define each space and will make it so buyers do not leave the showing feeling confused about the house.

When your furniture… just isn’t the best.

If your furniture is ruined by dogs, is very pieced together/does not match, or is especially unique (the style is a very specific personal preference), this will not do your home justice. Furniture that is distracting will take buyers’ attention away from the house. The perception buyers get from your furniture will influence their perception of your home.

When not to stage

The home is fully renovated.

There is not doubt that staging a renovated home will make it look even nicer. BUT in our experience, homes that are fully renovated or new builds sell for just as much and as easily regardless of if they are staged.

Your home is a fixer upper.

If the house needs a lot of repairs, staging it isn’t going to make things any better. Buyers of fixer uppers tend to have more imagination and will look right through the staging, whether it is good or bad.

A little more insight.

Most of the time, staging lightly is the way to go. Meaning, you do not have to stage every room all out with couches, beds, tables, etc. Many times adding in some nice colorful towels, a cute welcome mat and wreathe, a few succulent plants, or even a cookie jar and some fruit to the kitchen, will go a long way.

Professional staging can cost around $1,000-3,000 depending on the size of your home and level of staging you want. Popping some color into the kitchen and bathrooms might run you a few hundred dollars at Target. Then you get to keep all the little knick knacks after you sell! ;)

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